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How to create different shaped designs in one sheet
How to create different shaped designs in one sheet
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Currently, you can only choose 1 shape type per sheet, however, there is a workaround for this, in this case for an 8” sheet:

1. Design and press ‘print it’ on the 8” template

2. When you reach the download web page, it will start downloading as a PDF. Instead, choose the option to download as a jpg (you won’t be charged any extra print credits for this).

3. Once the 8” design is downloaded as a jpg, return to the design page and upload it onto an A4 sheet. Make sure to resize the 8” to the same size as the template, if you need it to remain the same size.

4. Then you can upload any other images you need around this.


This process will take up to two print credits to do this, however, this is a good workaround if you want a few different shaped designs on one page.

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