How to add designs for customers (Paid Plans)

If you have pre-made designs which you would like your end-customers to use, you can create your own designs in the 'design templates' tab of your customer portal, provided during the setup of your account:

    Visit your admin panel (if you're not sure how to access this, please email us at
    Choose the relevant template, and then add your text / photos.


    If you are wanting your customers to change a word or number in the design (eg their age / name), try and make it as easy as possible for them by highlighting the relevant area to edit eg "Happy [age] birthday, [name]!"

    Name your design and add a short description where relevant, then press 'save design'
    Refresh the page and then go to the pre-made designs tab to see your created designs.


    You need to refresh the page first to see any newly created designs. Just press the refresh button (F5 on Windows, Command-R on Mac)

    Finally, toggle the design to 'public' to make the design live for your customers.
    If you have any further questions, email us at