FAQs - Paid Plans

For the occasional Topperoo-er

Is the Starter Plan still free? How many designs can I create?
Yes, it is still free, with a monthly design allowance of 5 designs a month. If you are registered user prior to 18th May 2017 you have an increased monthly allowance to 10 designs per month.

What if I want to design more?
The Grow plan is better suited to you if designing regularly and want additional tools to help you grow, such as saving & retrieving designs from the cloud, access to an exclusive printing community, an updated range of patterns and borders, and a custom template designer. It starts with a 30 day free trial, which you can cancel before the end of the trial period.

For the regular Topperoo-er

Is the Grow plan a subscription?
Yes, you can subscribe on a Monthly or Yearly plan. Your subscription will be automatically renewed each period, unless you cancel. It comes with a 30 day free trial.

Is there a monthly plan available?
Yes, monthly plans are available at  topperoo.com/pricing. If you want to take advantage of the best cost saving, launch discount, the yearly plan will be best for you.

Can I roll over my design allowance?
Unfortunately this isn’t possible. Should you wish to design more, you are welcome to move between subscription plans.

What if I don’t want to continue beyond the free trial
If you do not want to remain on the paid plan beyond the trial,  please email us at support@topperoo.com before the end of the 30 day trial period, or you can downgrade in the "My Account" section.

For the highly active Topperoo-er

I design often but don’t want a customer design and payment page, do I still have to choose the Storefront Plan?
We have an unlimited Grow plan available for those who are designing frequently, but don’t need a customer facing design & payment page. See topperoo.com/pricing for more details

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