Logging in issues

UPDATE: AUG 2017 - There appear to be issues with users logging in on Firefox browser at the moment. If this is the case for you, please try switching to another browser - we recommend Google Chrome when using Topperoo.

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Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password, please use the "Reset Password" button on the login page:  https://topperoo.com/login. You will receive your password reset link to your email in the following few minutes.

I haven't received my password reset link

If you can't find your password reset link, please firstly check your SPAM or Junk folder of your email. If you still haven't received, drop us a note at support@topperoo.com on in our web chat feature in the bottom right corner of Topperoo. We will then reset your password manually.

If you're still having issues logging into your account, please update your cache by following the steps here (Chrome, and other browsers)

I have the right password but I still can't access Topperoo

Occasionally, you may have trouble accessing the designer after logging in. For instance, it may return to the login screen, even though you have entered the correct password. Here are the best steps:

  1. Try typing in topperoo.com/design directly, which should lead you to the design page.
  2. If you are still not able to access, you may need to force a refresh by clearing your cache and cookies. Here's how to do this on each browser:
  3. Get in touch in our web chat or support@topperoo.com if you're still facing issues.
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